Fee Determination for Photos and Images

Royalty-Free Stock Images – Images are categorized according to print production specification (dpi).  This allows you to anticipate the quality of the selected image before ordering.

Royalty-free image pricing is based only on size, not use. To order a Royalty-Free image for your next project call 208-378-8336.

View our gallery of Rolalty-Free images.

If you want to order an image in digital format for projects other then the web please read below:

licensing fees are based on how the images will be used.

Fee determination is calculated by duration, geographic location, size, prominence of image (cover, back, insert, etc.), print run, and frequency of use. You may not reproduce any of our images until you have received a written license agreement to do so.

All images are provided in digital form and are available in a variety of digital file formats.

All images found here are sold solely by Anita W. Quick, Quick’s Graphics, therefore each image will be unique.